How to get Array type data in Firebase in Kotlin?


I have this type of array in firebase but how to fetch it and use in kotlin
I was able to get as String but how to get its as a data class
Like this

data class Comment(
    val uid: String,
    val comment: String,
    val stamp: Timestamp

and here’s the code of getting string

var text by remember { mutableStateOf("loading...") }
  .document("Something").get().addOnSuccessListener {
     text = it.get("Comments").toString()

Check this iage


Firebase has a toObject method that can be used to turn your document into a custom object.

    .addOnSuccessListener { documents ->
        for (document in documents) {
            val comment = document.toObject<Comment>()

The Comment data class should also define default values. So, it should be like…

data class Comment(
    val uid: String = "",
    val comment: String = "",
    @ServerTimeStamp val stamp: Date? = null

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