How to get map element by key object?


Thereis a code:

let a = new Map<{id: number, age: number}, string>();

a.set({id: 1, age: 20}, "1");

console.log(a.get({id:1, age: 20}));

It gives me undefined because object added to map and looking object are not equals. Is it possible to make complicate key in map to retrive it when?

I can do this:

  let a = new Map<string, string>();

Where string key is concatination: id_age, but I dislike this, because it is not obviously


Objects work by reference, and not by value. That means that { a: 5, b: 6 } !== { a: 5, b: 6 }

What you can do is create a class that has a custom equals method that compares properties by value, instead of the object key you currently have:

export default class Person {
  public id: number;
  public age: number;
  constructor(id: number, age: number) { = id;
    this.age = age;

  public equals(obj: any): boolean {
    return obj && typeof obj === 'object' && === && obj.age === this.age;

And then use it in your Map:

const map = new Map<Person, string>();

map.set(new Person(1, 20), '1');
console.log(map.get(new Person(1, 20)); // '1'

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