How to give Flutter SDK Path in Android Studio on Mac os


I have installed the Android studio and the plugin’s DART,FLUTTER to kickstart the flutter but as i am not able to give path of sdk while creating my very first project for flutter.


I tried to find out the solution did not got solution..
Finally this are the steps i have implemented and works for me.
Prerequisites :-

  1. Install Android studio

  2. Install plugins to kick start flutter projects (DART,FLUTTER)

You can find out this inside android studio –> preferences –> Plugins

Now you have to setup Flutter SDK path to your Android studio

  1. Download the Flutter SDK

  2. Extract it where do you want (for example – /Users/vrushali/Downloads/flutter)

  3. Open your Android studio –> start a new Flutter Project –> select default application –> next –> select flutter sdk path –> browse to the . location where you have download and extract your flutter sdk –> select the flutter –> bin –> and say okay
    All set..! Your project will get created in some time 🙂

Answered By – Vrushali Raut

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