How to go to the top of the page after clicking the link?


The problem is, it goes to the middle of the page whenever I navigate to a link in NextJS:

<Link href={`/products/${id}`} key={id}>
      {/* other components */}

So i think the problem is that the link is on the middle of the page so when i click on the link it stays on the same position as where u clicked the link and not go at the top of the page. I know it doesn’t make sense.

I tried adding things like scroll={true}, or scroll={false} to the <Link>. Tried adding height: 100% to html and body in CSS. I tried adding scroll-behavior: smooth; and other stuff. The problem still stays.

Heres the video:

Temporary Solution:
its to not use Link and just use the usual <a> tag. Because <Link> don’t make the page reload whilst <a> tag reloads the page when navigating to another page. so if the page reloads when you click the link then it always starts at the top.

Note: i tried all the solutions below.


In your page component, inside useEffect hook, put window.scrollTo(0,0)


Answered By – Abhay Srivastav

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