how to highlight specific text in a string displayed in a div?


          style={{ color: "white" }}
            __html: `text <i style="color: red" >some data </i> not interesting`,

So this is a way to convert string into html element.

That is not what I am trying to do because it is dangerous.

For example, I want to be able to color every instance of the word "devil" to red in a string displayed in a div.

How can this be done without converting the text into an html element?


You can use replace method to highlight specific word along with global attribute g to replace all words

function highlight() {
  var textHigh = document.getElementById("text")
  textHigh.innerHTML = textHigh.innerHTML.replace(/ready/g, '<i style="color: red">ready</i>')
<div id="text">I am everready for every ready state to keep the work ready</div>

Answered By – Rana

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