How to import module when module name has a '-' dash or hyphen in it?


I want to import This works:

foobar = __import__("foo-bar")

This does not:

from "foo-bar" import *

My question: Is there any way that I can use the above format i.e., from "foo-bar" import * to import a module that has a - in it?


you can’t. foo-bar is not an identifier. rename the file to

Edit 2: For python 3.1+, please see Julien’s answer.

Edit: If import is not your goal (as in: you don’t care what happens with sys.modules, you don’t need it to import itself), just getting all of the file’s globals into your own scope, you can use execfile

# contents of
baz = 'quux'
>>> execfile('')
>>> baz

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