How to install an apk on the emulator in Android Studio?


How do you install an apk on the emulator in Android Studio from the terminal?

In Eclipse we did

/home/pcname/android-sdks/platform-tools/adb -s emulator-5554 install /home/pcname/Downloads/apkname.apk

Now how about in Android Studio?


EDIT: Even though this answer is marked as the correct answer (in 2013), currently, as answered by @user2511630 below, you can drag-n-drop apk files directly into the emulator to install them.

Original Answer:

You can install .apk files to emulator regardless of what you are using (Eclipse or Android Studio)

here’s what I always do: (For full beginners)

1- Run the emulator, and wait until it’s completely started.

2- Go to your sdk installation folder then go to platform-tools (you should see an executable called adb.exe)

3- create a new file and call it run.bat, edit the file with notepad and write CMD in it and save it.

4- copy your desired apk to the same folder

5- now open run.bat and write adb install "your_apk_file.apk"

6- wait until the installation is complete

7- voila your apk is installed to your emulator.

Note: to re-install the application if it already existe use adb install -r "your_apk_file.apk"

sorry for the detailed instruction as I said for full beginners

Hope this help.



Example 1

Example 2

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