How to interact with a hidden element using Serenity-BDD


What I want to achieve in my Performable is very simple, but I can’t do it due to a hidden element.

I want my actor to:

  • Click on an <input> element
  • Enter a string into that element
  • Then hit <RETURN>

My current code is:

public class Set {
    public static Performable dateFrom(String date) {
        return Task.where("{0} set 'dateFrom' filter to " + date,

The exact error I receive when running the test is [main] ERROR - Expected enabled element was not enabled.

I found that this is due to the <input> element being hidden (but there is a <div> element "in-front" of this <input>)

How can I click a hidden element within my Task, without requesting a change from my Dev team?


Have you tried with JavaScriptClick?

Answered By – D 5kova

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