How to lose focus on input-text when mouseleave is triggered


My question is, how to lose focus when mouseleave event is triggered.
The flow is as follows:

  • Click input-text;
  • Write something;
  • Leave the input-text (with mouse)
  • Input-text looses focus, meaning if you type something it will not
    update the value inside the text-box;
<input ng-mouseover="$root.gridOptionsForReportErrors.filterFocus()"
       class="ui-grid-filter-input ui-grid-filter-input-0 ng-empty ng-touched" 
       ng-attr-placeholder="{{colFilter.placeholder || ''}}" 
       aria-label="Filter for column" 

In the code above $root.gridOptionsForReportErrors.filterBlur() function is triggered successfully in Chrome as in IE.

But the input-text remains selected in Chrome and in IE the input-text looses focus, as expected.


I found one fix for this:

  1. I gave an id to the input-box (the one which is posted)
  2. and in the fliterBlur function, I searched for this input-box element by the id and called the blur function

like this:


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