How to make a Django application send money to its users using PayPal


I have a Django app for online cockfights. Users can bet if their accounts on the site have balance. They do that by first buying a digital product "Online Sabong Cash-In" through PayPal. The money is sent to the website’s PayPal business account. I believe, this kind of transaction is called user-to-website transaction, and I’ve made this work using django-paypal library. I’ve followed this tutorial for that simple transaction: .

Now, I want to give the website the feature where users can cash-out or like withdraw their money if they want. I want to have the website-to-user transaction. How can I do that, please? I’ve searched on Google a lot and all I see are articles for user-to-website transaction. I’ve found one way but I don’t know how to do it using django-paypal library:


PayPal has a Payouts API, which you can request access to. However, only certain use cases will be approved.

(There is a way to facilitate user-to-user transactions by setting a payee object for the checkout, but that’s not what you’re asking in the question)

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