How to make a zoom in function when the website opens


How can i make a code where if you open my webpage then this happens: using css?

But what i want instead is for the logo to first zoom in (faster, maybe 5 sec until the animation is over) to show the logo, then it goes to the top left where it stays there when you browse through my page. It is for a school project with the theme star wars.


You can do something like in below snippet (using animation) :

Use styles and decoration according to need , this is only a demo.

As known font-size is for text so this animation will work only for text . If you want animation for other stuffs than change accordingly like can use width height higher values or can use transform: scale() property

function zoom() {
  var reed = document.getElementById("demo");
.animation {
  animation: zoomer 5s linear;

@keyframes zoomer {
  0% {
    font-size: 300px;
  100% {
    font-size: 30px;

.color {
  color: red;
<body onload="zoom()">
  <h1 id="demo" class="color">content</h1>

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