How to manage number values with points?


$val represents 1,949.58 from my sql

 $sold = 50;
    if ($val>$sold){
    echo "true";
    echo "false";

I get false. somehow 50 is bigger than 1,949.58 and this because of the ‘,’ sign. I need some advices on how to manage this right. Thx


$val is interpreted by php to be a string. When doing the comparison, it’s doing a string compare so you aren’t going to get the results you expect.

You need to force them to be a floating point type. Look at Specifically the comments on that function.

Something like this should work:

function floatvalue($value) { 
     return floatval(preg_replace('#^([-]*[0-9\.,\' ]+?)((\.|,){1}([0-9-]{1,2}))*$#e', "str_replace(array('.', ',', \"'\", ' '), '', '\\1') . '.\\4'", $value)); 

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