How to open Linux `.so` file in Mac OS X


My Linux .so file can be opened with the fopen() command in Ubuntu, but when I tried to open the file with the fopen() command in Mac OS X 10.6, it failed.

The error was the file type was not recognized. How can I make a Linux library or tool work on Mac OS X 10.6 without recompilation?


Linux binaries are completely different to Mac OS X ones, even on the same architecture. For starters, Linux binaries use the ELF format, whilst Mac OS X ones are based on the Mach-O format. But even if the formats were the same, the operating system interface is not the same.

As a result, Mac OS X cannot run Linux binaries directly. The safest approach would be to install Linux in a virtual machine, e.g. VirtualBox. You would then have a full-blown Linux system to do anything that you want, including accessing files on the Mac OS X host via shared folders.

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