How to properly use useHistory () from react-router-dom?


How to use useHistory() correctly? I can’t make the transition from one react component to another.
According to the instructions from the React documentation and also here on Stack Overflow, I cannot make the transition from App.js to MyComponent.js.

For example – I am trying

/* **App.js ** */
/* Import modules */
import React from 'react';
import { useHistory } from 'react-router-dom'; // version 5.2.0

function App()
    let history = useHistory ();
    const handleClick = () => {
       history.push ('./pages/MyComponent');

    return (
       <div className="App">
          <button onClick={handleClick}>Next page ==></button>

I also tested this example, but the output throws the following error when the button is pressed:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘push’ of undefined

Does something seem to be leaking to me or is there a mistake on Babel’s side?

Project react structure:

+ Root/
    + src/
        - App.js
        - index.js
        + pages/
            - MyComponent.js


You can’t just use the useHistory hook to redirect to another page.
You need to properly set up your application in order to use React Router. Look at their examples starting from this

You need to wrap your entire application with <BrowserRouter /> which will give the history object you are looking for through the hook.

By the way, you don’t give a relative file path to history.push as an argument, you must give a valid route that you typically setup using <Route /> component

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