How to pull remote branch in source tree


I have repo in bitbucket. it has 2 branches master and Branch9_Artiflex
but when I clone this repo to my local repo via source tree (clone-clone in source tree) i’m able to see only master branch.

Create new branch Branch9_Artiflex on my local machine and pull all data from remote Branch9_Artiflex doesn’t work because they have different history of commits

source tree
enter image description here

but my remote repo has 2 branches
enter image description here



  • git fetch . This would fetch any missed remote branch to local repository (assuming there’s no other problem).
  • git checkout Branch9_Artiflex. Now you will be switched into a local/Branch9_Artiflex which is newly created with the latest changes of origin/Branch9_Artiflex. :))

Answered By – Supun Wijerathne

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