How to re-enter my virtual environment using cmd in windows


I have created a virtual environment for django using cmd

 pip install virtualenvwrapper-win

 mkvirtualenv test

and here I have installed Django using

 pip install django

But suppose I close my cmd prompt and restart it. What is the command to re-enter in the (test) environment that I have created.


If you are using the package virtualenvwrapper-win, then you can use the options described in this part of the docs:

workon [<name>]

If <name> is specified, activate the environment named <name> (change the working virtualenv to <name>). If a project directory has
been defined, we will change into it. If no argument is specified,
list the available environments. One can pass additional option -c
after virtualenv name to cd to virtualenv directory if no projectdir
is set.

Answered By – Ralf

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