How to replace list items with data from a file in python


I am trying to play around with a list. I want to replace every list item with data from a file. I would like to get an idea as to how to properly do it.

Currently, I’m using mylist = mylist[:0-1] and doing the individual replace is quite long. I would like to know of an alternative approach to do it.

mylist = ['exit', 'smoke', 'chef', 'toddler', 'dolphin']

mydata.txt #– to be used to replace the list items


Needed Output: #– Printed to screen only

exit smoke chef toddler admin
exit smoke chef toddler staff
exit smoke chef toddler reach
exit smoke chef toddler train

exit smoke chef admin dolphin
exit smoke chef staff dolphin
exit smoke chef reach dolphin
exit smoke chef train dolphin

exit smoke admin toddler dolphin
exit smoke staff toddler dolphin
exit smoke reach toddler dolphin
exit smoke train toddler dolphin

exit admin chef toddler dolphin
exit staff chef toddler dolphin
exit reach chef toddler dolphin
exit train chef toddler dolphin

admin smoke chef toddler dolphin 
staff smoke chef toddler dolphin 
reach smoke chef toddler dolphin 
train smoke chef toddler dolphin 


A pretty simple one (Try it online!):

mylist = ['exit', 'smoke', 'chef', 'toddler', 'dolphin']
mydata = ['admin', 'staff', 'reach', 'train']

for i in reversed(range(len(mylist))):
    copy = mylist.copy()
    for copy[i] in mydata:

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