How to replace static driver method


public class CommonFunctions {

  public static WebDriver driver;

  public void openWebsite(String url) {

  public void closeBrowser() {
public class TestCase {

  CommonFunctions commonFunctions = new CommonFunctions();

  public void openWeb() {

  public void navigateLoginPage() {

  public void closeBrowser() {

I have two class (commonfunction,homepage and testcase). When I run code without "static" at "public static Webdriver driver", the code throw nullpointerexception at function "closeBrowser". How to fix this error. I don’t want use method "public static Webdriver driver" as code.


You need to initialize your driver variable in your CommonFunctions class.

WebDriver driver = new WebDriver(... etc);

Or, write a constructor that initializes this variable.

public class CommonFunctions 
  public WebDriver driver;

  public CommonFunctions() // Constructor
      driver = new WebDriver();

Answered By – Robert Harvey

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