How to retrieve data from a table and display it with Python and Django in an html file?


For the purposes of an introductory course in python, Django and Postgresql, I am looking for the best way to retrieve table data and display it in a structured way in an html file with Django and python as a tool and language.


To display django data in html file, simply you can do this:

In views:

def login_view(request):
   user = User.objects.all() #Here I have retrieved data from user table, in django table means Model.
   return render(request, 'login.html', {'user':user}) #Here user is context

In html file:

To display data in html file. here I used curly braces to recognise context in html file

     {% for data in user %} # user is context from login view, it is used display data in html file.
     {% endfor %}

Why I used curly braces in html file because it is template syntax in django

Answered By – Manoj Tolagekar

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