How to run Python script in VBA by reading the path in a cell?


I need to close a project, but most people cannot configure VBA to change paths (path made the change).

Sub RunPython_Click()

Dim objShell As Object
Dim PythonExe, PythonScript As String
    Set objShell = VBA.CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
    PythonExe = Range("B13").Value
    PythonScript = Range("B14").Value
    objShell.Run PythonExe & " " & PythonScript
End Sub

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I’m doing this so people don’t have to go into the VBA configuration to make the script path changes.


You can try this instead:

Sub RunPython_Click()
    Dim PythonExe, PythonScript As String
    'hard-coded for testing...
    PythonExe = "C:\Python\Python39-32\Python.exe"
    PythonScript = "C:\Python\Code\"
    ' /k keeps the window open so you can see any problems
    ' swap /k to /c when sure there's no errors
    Shell "cmd.exe /k """"" & PythonExe & """ """ & PythonScript & """""", vbNormalFocus
End Sub

Answered By – Tim Williams

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