How to scrape star ratings displayed as an image set as a background URL?


There are some websites that display different star ratings based on a single image set as background, for example:

background: url( no-repeat 0 0;

How to scrape such rating values using Watir?


As @spickermann mentioned in the comments, the display of the rating image is controlled by the CSS classes. For example, the following has a "appx-rating-stars-45" class that creates the 4.5 star appearance:

<span id="appxListingDetailPageId:AppxLayout:j_id841:j_id842:j_id845" class="appx-rating-stars appx-rating-stars-45"></span>

To determine the star rating, we can retrieve this class and then parse the number:

star_rating_element = browser.div(class: 'appx-listing-detail').span(class: 'appx-rating-stars')
star_rating_raw = star_rating_element.class_name[/appx-rating-stars-(\d\d)/, 1]
#=> "45"
star_rating_value = star_rating_raw.to_i / 10.0
#=> 4.5

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