How to set right alignment for a selected item of DropdownButtonFormField with Flutter?


I have a DropdownButtonFormField with Flutter like this:

                    decoration: InputDecoration(
                      labelText: "My Label",
                      labelStyle: const TextStyle(fontSize: 20),
                      isDense: true,
                      contentPadding: const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 0, vertical: 0),

                    items: ["No", "Yes"].map((label) => DropdownMenuItem(
                      alignment: Alignment.centerRight,
                      child: Text(label),
                      value: label,

                    onChanged: (value) {
                    value: "No",
                    alignment: Alignment.centerRight,

which generates:

enter image description here

However the No/Yes values are displayed with a left alignment. Is it possible to display them on the right?


We can trick the UI using selectedItemBuilder and LayoutBuilder on top of DropdownButtonFormField.

  builder: (context, constraints) => DropdownButtonFormField<String>(
    selectedItemBuilder: (c) => ["No", "Yes"]
          (e) => SizedBox(
            width: constraints.maxWidth - 24, //-default dropDownIconSize
            child: Text(
              textAlign: TextAlign.right,

enter image description here

Answered By – Yeasin Sheikh

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