How to show Select2 selected values under the select as a List


I want to show Select2 selected values below the dropdown as a List.
Similar to this

This is not Select 2 but a custom select from a 3rd party site.
Till now I have no Idea how to move the selections to a different container.

Here is my existing Select2 The General Multiselect

Would be great if can get direction on where to start.


After some R&D I was able to do it with below code.

    var $source_select = jQuery('#source_id');
    var $source_display_container = jQuery('.vendor_container');
        placeholder: 'Select Sources',
        allowClear: true,
        closeOnSelect: false,
    }).on('change', function() {
        var $selected = $(this).find('option:selected');
        var $container = $source_display_container;

        var $list = $('<div class="content">');
        $selected.each(function(k, value) {
            var $source_html_row = $('<div>').addClass('row');
            $source_name = $(value).text();
            $source_id = $(value).attr('data-vendor_id');
            $source_html_row.append(getSourceNameColumn($source_name, value, $source_id));
            $source_html_row.append(getCPIColumn($source_id, value));
            $source_html_row.append(getQuotaColumn($source_id, value));
            $source_html_row.append(getQuotaAssignmentColumn($source_id, value));


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