How to solve problem running MTCNN in JupiterLab


The function detect_faces() fails in JupiterLab:

image =
imageRGB = image.convert('RGB')
pixels = asarray(imageRGB)
detector = MTCNN()
results = detector.detect_faces(pixels)

mtcnn version 0.1.0

The error:

AbortedError: Operation received an exception:Status: 2, message:
could not create a descriptor for a softmax forward propagation
primitive, in file tensorflow/core/kernels/mkl/
[[node model/softmax/Softmax (defined at
]] [Op:__inference_predict_function_828]

Function call stack: predict_function


that’s probably due to the conflict of keras and tensorflow version.
I solved it by doing these steps:

  1. Uninstall tensorflow from anaconda venv
  2. pip install tensorflow==2.9.0

Answered By – scarlett seow

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