How to solve the problem of 'implicity has an "any" type' while mapping over an array?


I’m trying to map over an array like this:

const formatted = => item.payload)

but I get that ‘item’ implicity has an "any" type when I hover over it. I get that with typescript I should be defining the parameter for this function, so I tried it like this:

interface IItem {
   alert_id: null
   event_type: string
   id: string
   payload: string
   timestamp: string

const formatted = IItem => item.payload)

An item basically consists of strings and some items which are being returned as null:

   alert_id: null
   event_type: "test"
   id: "sd09f82-f8asf"
   payload: "{'test': 'accepted'}"
   timestamp: "2019-12-10"

and I get all of this errors

    return new TSError(diagnosticText, diagnosticCodes)
TSError: тип Unable to compile TypeScript:
src/application.ts:31:11 - error TS6196: 'IItem' is declared but never used.

31 interface IItem {
src/application.ts:65:54 - error TS7006: Parameter 'IItem' implicitly has an 'any' type.

65     const formatted = IItem => item.payload)
src/application.ts:65:63 - error TS2532: Object is possibly 'undefined'.

65     const formatted = IItem => item.payload)
src/application.ts:65:69 - error TS2339: Property 'payload' does not exist on type 'Event'.

65     const formatted = IItem => item.payload)
src/application.ts:65:52 - error TS1005: ',' expected.

65     const formatted = IItem => item.payload)


Enclose the arguments to map in parantheses

const formatted = IItem) => item.payload).

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