How to suppress irrelevant ShellCheck messages?



System: Linux Mint 19 (based on Ubuntu 18.04).

Editor: I use Visual Studio Code (official website) with ShellCheck plugin to check for errors, warnings, and hints on-the-fly.


is a necessary tool for every shell script writer.

Although the developers must have put enormous effort to make it as good as it gets, it sometimes produces irrelevant warnings and / or information.

Example code, with such messages (warning SC2120 + directly adjacent information SC2119):

POSIX shell script snippet

# expected arguments: none
    # check if no argument has been passed
    [ "${#}" -eq 0 ] || print_error_and_exit 1 "am_i_root" "Some arguments have been passed to the function!\\n\\tNo arguments expected.\\n\\tPassed: ${*}"

    # check if the user is root
    # this will return an exit code of the command itself directly
    [ "$(id -u)" -eq 0 ]

# check if the user had by any chance run the script with root privileges and if so, quit
am_i_root && print_error_and_exit 1 "am_i_root" "This script should not be run as root!\\n\\tQuiting to safety."


  • am_i_root is checking for unwanted arguments passed. Its real purpose is self-explanatory.

  • print_error_and_exit is doing as its name says, it is more or less self-explanatory.

  • If any argument has been passed, I want the function / script to print error message and exit.


How do I disable these messages (locally only)?


Think it through before doing this!

Do this only if you are 100.0% positive that the message(s) is really irrelevant. Then, read the Wiki here and here on this topic.

Once you assured yourself the message(s) is irrelevant

While generally speaking, there are more ways to achieve this goal, I said to disable those messages locally, so there is only one in reality.

That being adding the following line before the actual message occurrence:

# shellcheck disable=code

Notably, adding text after that in the same line will result in an error as it too will be interpreted by shellcheck.
If you want to add an explanation as to why you are suppressing the warning, you can add another hash # to prevent shellcheck from interpreting the rest of the line.


# shellcheck disable=code irrelevant because reasons


# shellcheck disable=code # code is irrelevant because reasons

Note, that it is possible to add multiple codes separated by comma like this example:

# shellcheck disable=SC2119,SC2120

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