How to terminate Android Emulator running in the background?


I am using Android Studio to learn my flutter project. For the first run with emulator Pixel 5 API 30, it work well.

But If I close Android Studio IDE without terminate the running app and then re-open Android Studio to run the project again with that emulator, it start running on the background and I have no way to get it back on screen. When I open the project, I see the emulator in Device Manager blue (meaning it is still running even I close the IDE).


1- I may want to stop the running emulator and re run again. I have try adb kill-server and adb start-server. There is nothing work.
Also, I cannot .lock folder and file in .android\avd\Pixel_5_API_30.avd. It said the action can’t be completed because the file is open in qemu-system-x86-64.exe

2- Bring back the background emulator back to display on screen. I cannot find any solution yet.

The only solution is to restart my PC.

Anyone know, please share. I search a lot around here.


You may try killing the qemu-system-x86-64.exe in the task manager,it should force stop the emulator.

Answered By – Tommy Au

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