How to train custom object detection with tfrecord file


here I want to train a object detection model, so I have annotated the data using roboflow and then exported it as tfrecords and also got the (.pbtxt file) and after that I don’t have any clue on how to train a can model from scratch with just 2,3 number of hidden layers. am not getting on how to use that tfrecord to fit in my model which I have created. please help me out.


tfrecord files are usually used with Tensorflow Object Detection. It’s pretty old and I haven’t seen it used in practice recently, but there’s a Tensorflow Object Detection tutorial here that uses these tfrecord files.

If there’s not a particular reason you need to use TF Object Detection I’d recommend using a newer and more well-supported model like YOLOv5 or YOLOv7.

Answered By – Brad Dwyer

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