How to undo a git rm after commit


I have a file name file.txt.

I have made some changes in the file.txt.

I commit and push these changes.

But now I realize that I don’t need any change in the file in the current branch. So mistakenly I have done git rm file.txt. And then commit and pushed these deletion changes. But it is showing removed this file on my branch.

All I want is that I don’t want to see any change in the file.txt in my branch.

Could anyone please help me here? I have searched on StackOverflow a lot. There are many answers but could not find my case.


So finally, I got the answers that I want. Here is the steps that I followed.

git checkout deletion_commit_id^ -- file.txt

This will reverted the deletion and then add, commit and push.

After that, I have done undoing of all the changes of this file.

git checkout origin/master file.txt.

And then add, commit and push.

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