How to Update HTML using Node JS from MYSQL



How can i change my HTML data in the files via node JS i am not using EJS or any view engine I have a views folders where all the files are .js files returning HTML how can i change the data from the node server which selects the MYSQL data for example if i have

I have tried using res.send but it changes the whole file how can i change for example on the about page /aboutus

<h1 id='name'></h1>

How can i add data from the server to edit that file?

For those who can’t quite understand what i am saying is i have a server side which is meant to retrieve an html name for example david and i have a views folder containing js files like home.js which returns html value to the index.html file i want to change the heading tag in html like the code above i want ‘David’ to be put in the h1 tag


I have not been able to understand perfectly what you want to do …
But I believe that in any case to create a dynamic client server infrastructure you could use two methods:

  • by creating an endpoint that returns the data in json or xml format from the database, and replacing your DOM elements with the real data


Express Backend example

app.get('/api/user', async function(req, res) {
 const userdata = await getUserData()

Front end example:

  .then(response => response.json())
  .then(data =>{
    document.getElementById("username").innerHTML = data.username;
    document.getElementById("email").innerHTML =;

  • by converting your html files into handlebars (for example) and replacing the handlebars tags with real data, then return html ready to be rendered.

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