How to update my fork to have the same branches and tags as the original repository on github?


When you fork a repository on github your forked repo contains all branches and tags.

Over time these branches and tags gets outdated.

How does one as easy it is with fork make sure your fork has all branches and tags without having to reclone ?

i.e. a git magicpull –rebase upstream/* myremote/*

which would fetch all the branches and tags in upstream and make sure the same are present in myremote.


This assumes your "upstream" remote is named "origin" and you have your custom fork under your username (i.e. "maxandersen")

When you have your clone run the following one-liner (refresh of Track all remote git branches as local branches :

remote=origin ; for brname in `git branch -r | grep origin | grep -v master | grep -v HEAD | sed -e 's/^[^\/]*\///'`; do git branch --track $brname  $remote/$brname ; done

This will setup tracking branches for all the branches found in the remote named ‘origin’.
If you already have a checkout with this branchname it will not change anything except ensure the tracking is in place.

(Optional) Now ensure all your branches are uptodate (useful if you have already branches checked out):

git pull --rebase --all

Now with all branches setup for tracking and uptodate push branches and tags to your remote (replace ‘maxandersen’ with your remote name):

git push --all maxandersen
git push --tags maxandersen

After this your fork is in sync.

The following script does all this including asking for confirmation:

## Checkout all branches from remote as tracking branches. Based on


usage() {
   echo "Usage:"
   echo "$0 <upstream-remote> <target-remote>"
   echo ""
   echo "Example which ensures remote named 'maxandersen' have all the same branches and tags as 'origin'"
   echo "$0 origin maxandersen"
   exit 1

if [ -z "$UPSTREAM" ]
 echo Missing upstream remote name.

if [ -z "$MYREPO" ]
 echo Missing target remote name. 

read -p "1. This will setup '$MYREPO' to track all branches in '$UPSTREAM' - Are you sure ?" -n 1 -r

if [[ $REPLY =~ ^[Yy]$ ]]
 for brname in `git branch -r | grep "$UPSTREAM" | grep -v master | grep -v HEAD | sed -e 's/.*\///g'`; do git branch --track $brname  $UPSTREAM/$brname ; done

read -p "2. This will push all local branches and tags into '$MYREPO' - Are you sure ?" -n 1 -r

if [[ $REPLY =~ ^[Yy]$ ]]
 git push --all $MYREPO
 git push --tags $MYREPO

Save it as ‘’ and execute it with:

sh origin maxandersen

And all branches/tags from ‘origin’ will be made available in remote named ‘maxandersen’

Answered By – Max Rydahl Andersen

This Answer collected from stackoverflow, is licensed under cc by-sa 2.5 , cc by-sa 3.0 and cc by-sa 4.0

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