How to use an already installed Python?


I have Plex installed on my PC, which relies on Python to run. I know nothing about Python, but I can see that it is running in Windows Task Manager. Now, I’ve got some other unrelated Python scripts that I need to run, but I have no idea how to find where Python is located on my system or how to access it.

According to How can I find where Python is installed on Windows?, I’m supposed to go to my Python interpreter to find out, but I have no idea what or where that is.

This is completely new to me. Could someone hold my hand and walk me through how I can run .py files?


None of the suggestions for finding where Python was installed worked.

As @tdelaney mentioned in the comments, even though Plex uses Python and it’s running in my system, I don’t actually have a standard install of it. I had to go download it.

Answered By – Scott Marcus

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