How to use document.getElementById() method in TypeScript?


I am trying to reset HTML Form in order to clear all the values in the input fields using;


But I can use that in typescript, it’s giving me an error saying document.getElementById('myForm') may be null

How can I solve this issue?


Typescript will force you to check the value is not null if you use the strictNullChecks option (or strict which includes strictNullChecks). You can either perform the test or use a not null assertion (!). Also you will need to use a type assertion to assert the html element is an HTMLFormElement as by default it will be just an HtmlElement and reset is present only HTMLFormElement

Just an assertion Assertion:

(document.getElementById('myForm') as HTMLFormElement).reset();

Assertion with check (recommended):

let form = document.getElementById('myForm')
if(form) (form as HTMLFormElement).reset(); 

Not null assertion (if you want to access just HtmlElement member):


Answered By – Titian Cernicova-Dragomir

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