How to use yolov5 tflite export with OpenCV


I have exported a tflite file from Yolov5 and I got the output data using the code below:

import numpy as np
import tensorflow as tf
from PIL import Image
import os

img ='dataset', 'images','val','IMG_6099.JPG'))
img = img.resize((256,256),Image.ANTIALIAS)
numpydata = np.asarray(img)
interpreter = tf.lite.Interpreter(model_path="yolov5s-fp16.tflite")

input_details = interpreter.get_input_details()
output_details = interpreter.get_output_details()

input_shape = input_details[0]['shape']
input_data = np.array(img,dtype=np.float32)
input_data = tf.expand_dims(input_data, 0)
interpreter.set_tensor(input_details[0]['index'], input_data)


output_data = interpreter.get_tensor(output_details[0]['index'])

print out output_data:

[[[1.6754180e-02 3.2771632e-02 8.4546164e-02 ... 2.2025524e-05
   3.0189141e-05 6.1972853e-05]
  [1.5505254e-02 3.5847023e-02 9.6953809e-02 ... 1.9333076e-05
   1.5587271e-05 3.6931968e-05]
  [1.6107641e-02 3.6390714e-02 8.2990780e-02 ... 1.6197217e-05
   1.4623029e-05 3.6216315e-05]
  [8.6931992e-01 8.8494051e-01 2.4040593e-01 ... 3.1457843e-05
   2.4052188e-05 2.2471884e-05]
  [8.6244017e-01 9.0521729e-01 4.4481179e-01 ... 5.1936011e-05
   3.9207229e-05 3.5609013e-05]
  [8.6841702e-01 9.0255147e-01 7.0057535e-01 ... 1.0812500e-04
   1.0073676e-04 7.7818921e-05]]]

What are these numbers? and more important how can I show the results on the image?
I also see this post already.

and here is my code trying to capture objects in real time:

cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0)
ret, frame =
frame = cv2.resize(frame, (256 , 256))

for i in range(len(scores)):
    if ((scores[i] > 0.1) and (scores[i] <= 1.0)):
        H = frame.shape[0]
        W = frame.shape[1]
        xmin = int(max(1,(xyxy[0][i] * W)))
        ymin = int(max(1,(xyxy[1][i] * H)))
        xmax = int(min(H,(xyxy[2][i] * W)))
        ymax = int(min(W,(xyxy[3][i] * H)))

        # cv2.rectangle(frame, (xmin,ymin), (xmax,ymax), (10, 255, 0), 2)
plt.imshow(cv2.cvtColor(frame, cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB))


The post you attached is clear said:
[x ,y ,w ,h , conf, class0, class1, …] total 85 columns and many objects (rows) detected.
col 0-3 is boxes, col 4 is conf, and the other 80 is the class

You need filter the rows with the conf. Otherwise you will get a lot false detected object.

Also [x ,y ,w ,h] is not the real scale of your input image.

To obtain the real boxes, you may need do some processing like e.g rescale, xywh to xyxy, NMS ( non max suppression) etc..

You can check the and utils/ in Yolov5 source code.

After you get the real boxes, draw box on image.

Below doc show you how to draw box on image using open cv

If you google, there are a lot of example teach you how to draw using open cv

Answered By – Marcus Wong

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