How to write and save html file in python?


This is what I know about writing to an HTML file and saving it:

html_file = open("filename","w")

But how do I save to the file if I want to write a really long codes like this:

   1   <table border=1>
   2     <tr>
   3       <th>Number</th>
   4       <th>Square</th>
   5     </tr>
   6     <indent>
   7     <% for i in range(10): %>
   8       <tr>
   9       <td><%= i %></td>
   10      <td><%= i**2 %></td>
   11      </tr>
   12    </indent>
   13  </table>


You can create multi-line strings by enclosing them in triple quotes. So you can store your HTML in a string and pass that string to write():

html_str = """
<table border=1>
     <% for i in range(10): %>
         <td><%= i %></td>
         <td><%= i**2 %></td>

Html_file= open("filename","w")

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