.htaccess 500 error after login with AuthType Basic


Here’s my .htaccess file:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "LOG IN"
AuthUserFile .htpasswd
Require valid-user

After logging in, I get a 500 error. If I clear the .htaccess file, it works fine.

Any ideas?


I think you have to write the full path to your .htpasswd (on linux: /path/to/.htpasswd)

From http://weavervsworld.com/docs/other/passprotect.html


Make sure that the path specified in AuthUserFile is the correct full
path. This is a major cause of problems. If Apache cannot find the
.htpasswd file, then all attempts will fail.

Make sure the permissions
on the .htaccess and .htpasswd files are set so that Apache can read
them. chmod 0644 .htaccess chmod 0644 .htpasswd

Other issues may be
out of your control. Web administrators can lock down Apache so that
it ignores all .htaccess files it encounters. This can be achieved
with an AllowOverride None directive and option on the
ServerRoot/DocumentRoot directories. If this is the case (.htaccess
not allowed) you will have to kindly ask your web administrator to
allow .htaccess files with authorization directives in your personal
web directory. This can be achieved with AllowOverride AuthConfig
directive and option.

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