i have a problem in my flutter App when project run in android studio


** flutter/.pub-cache/hosted/pub.dartlang.org/firebase_core-1.24.0/lib/src/firebase_app.dart:18:25: Error: Member not found: ‘FirebaseAppPlatform.verifyExtends’.

I used

firebase_core: ^1.7.0….I cheked in my code but there is not show any error shoud i change in my library file of firebase_core:1.24.0 ***


I have encountered the same issue and i fixed by:

  1. Updating the packages in pubspec.yaml file to the latest versions:
firebase_core: ^2.1.1
firebase_auth: ^4.1.0
cloud_firestore: ^4.0.3
  1. Removing the pubspec.lock file
  2. Running flutter clean
  3. And last running this command flutter pub get

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