Importing a function that uses selenium with ipynb not working on Windows


I wrote a function for scraping data from a website in a Jupyter Notebook. The function works perfectly fine when running in that notebook and when I use ipynb to import the functions from that notebook it imports them successfully. Then when I run the function in the second notebook I get: WebDriverException: Message: 'chromedriver' executable needs to be in PATH.. The weirdest part is that this works fine on my MacBook but not on my PC. Has anyone encountered this and found a solution?

The import I use is: from ipynb.fs.full.my_notebook import my_function. I then create a dataframe using df = my_function(x, y, z), which is where I get the error.


It’s possible to set the path to chromedriver executable instead of using the one in the PATH.

from import Service

service = Service(executable_path='/Users/<user_name>/Downloads/chromedriver')


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