In Android Studio, how do I change the Flutter naming conventions?


Apparently Google and/or JetBrains think everyone ought to use CamelCase, but (a) I prefer snake_case (use of underscores), (b) nearly every line of my sources now has a lint complaint, making it hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, and (c) I don’t have time to rewrite all my code just to pander to other people’s aesthetic sense.
How do I convince AS to be a Philistine like me?

Android Studio has a Kotlin naming convention in inspection settings

but It seems Android Studio does not have a flutter naming convetion in inspetion settings


I referenced some documents @pskink saying,

since I wanted to use underscore when creating a variable, what I did is

Firstly, making a analysis_options.yaml file in top level directories like pubspec.yaml

Secondly, then implement like this in analysis_options.yaml

include: package:pedantic/analysis_options.yaml

non_constant_identifier_names: false

and Lastly in pubspec.yaml file,

  pedantic: ^1.0.0

then no more showing "Name non-constant identifiers using lowerCamelCase."

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