Inspect hovered element in Chrome?


I am trying to view, through Chrome’s developer tools, how tooltips are structured on a site. However, even when I am hovered over the item, when I “inspect element”, nothing shows for the tooltip in the html. I know I can set the Style to :hover, but I still can’t see the html or css of the tooltip.

Any ideas?


I actually found a trick to do that with the Twitter Bootstrap tooltips. If you open the dev tools (F12) on another monitor, then hover over the element to bring up the tooltip, right click as if you were to select ‘Inspect Element’. Leaving that context menu open, move the focus over to the dev tools. The html for the tooltip should show up next to the element its a tooltip for in the HTML. Then you can look at it as if it were another element. If you go back to Chrome the HTML disappears so just something to be aware of.

Kind of a weird way but it worked for me so I figured I would share it.

Answered By – Justin Chmura

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