Install Intel python 3.8 (Older Release)


I need to download 3.8 python shell script in Linux. But I can not find it anywhere. I found the below script which can be downloaded for Linux but it has Intel python 3.8 only.….

Could you please help me get Intel python 3.8 shell script?


It seems like you’re looking for Intel python 3.8. Do get that, you can try creating a new conda environment with the below command:

conda create -n idp intelpython3_core python=3.8
conda activate idp

But if you’re only looking for a shell script to install intel python3.8, you need to buy a license. If you don’t have one and follow this steps:

  1. Access the Registration Center ( and follow the instructions below.
  2. Select the product and OS
  3. Define the required version & click download.

Please refer Intel Python Release notes for more information!

Answered By – AlekhyaV – Intel

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