Install packages with `make install`


I’ve installed a package (vim) in my raspberry pi (debian 11) by cloning the GitHub repository and running the commands make and make install as it’s explained here

What I typed:

sudo apt install git make ncurses-dev build-essential
git clone
cd vim/src
sudo make install

Then I read this: and I noticed that I only made the building part.

I was just following the steps and all right, I’ve done it. But after that I removed the downloaded folder and I have some questions about how this process works:

  1. I should have kept the installation folder?
  2. How can I remove/update the installed program? (I looked it up and it seems make uninstall is the command, but I’m not sure)


I strongly recommend to just use the vim version from your distro repo. As your first link describes, you should use sudo apt install vim.

If you really need to compile it from source, you should keep the source folder and use git pull in that folder to get the latests sources, then check out the desired branch and build it again.

Answered By – Tobias

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