Invalid argument "/tensorflow-serving-devel" for "-t,–tag" flag:Invalid reference format


I am trying to create a docker Image for tensforflow serving like here.

When i try to pull docker image with all the required dependencies(pip dependencies, bazel, grpc)
enter image description here

What am i doing wrong here? I believe it works for everyone except me.
i am using docker toolbox in windows 7 and this is my first time using docker. I don’t know what this error says

edit: after removing the space
enter image description here

Docker version

enter image description here


There is a typo in your docker build command: a space is after Dockerfile word.

The correct command is:

docker build --pull -t $USER/tensorflow-serving-devel -f tensorflow_serving/tools/docker/Dockerfile.devel .


I see where your problem is. You use Windows, so $USER is not resolves to username. Please change it to something else like:

docker build --pull -t user/tensorflow-serving-devel -f tensorflow_serving/tools/docker/Dockerfile.devel .

And then use it with docker run command:

docker run --name=tensorflow_container -it user/tensorflow-serving-devel

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