Ionic 7.0.0, Angular 15.2.4. "ionic generate page auth" results in "TS2304: Cannot find name 'async'." error in file "" file


Exactly what it says. I’m running Ionic 7 and Angular 15.2.4. I’ve generated a brand-new project using "ionic start." I select Angular as my framework, and the Ionic project type is "blank." The project generates fine.

In the terminal in my IDE, in this brand-new project with absolutely nothing else added to it, I type ionic generate page auth and press Return. The page seems to generate fine, but then my IDE gives me a TS2304: Cannot find name 'async'. error in the file.

(BTW: If I ignore this and continue to generate pages, it continues to give me this error in every new page I generate — the {pagename}.page.spec.ts shows this error in every page.)

Here’s a screenshot of my IDE. You can see the error on line 8:
Screenshot of IDE showing error in file

Is there maybe a bug in Ionic 7? Is there something I need to update elsewhere? The last time I ran anything in Ionic, I was told to update Ionic by typing npm i -g @ionic/cli which I did… That was yesterday… And now, today, this is happening…

How do I fix this problem?


Well, I got it to stop giving me the error message by adding async to the import line at the top of the file.

So that line now looks like this:

import { async, ComponentFixture, TestBed } from '@angular/core/testing';

Apparently async is deprecated, replaced by waitForAsync but I’m not going to bother to learn how to use that. As long as this thing compiles and runs now, I’m good.

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