IONIC – ANGULAR Why when click back button I have same multiple request?


I have the back button on my pages.
When I stay on PAGE 1 and go to PAGE 2 I have only one request. And when I click the back button from PAGE 2 to PAGE 1 i receive a two same request. If I go to PAGE 2 again and go back I receive three same request.

Why ?

i have this on PAGE 1

ionViewWillEnter() {

    this.route.paramMap.subscribe(paramMap => {
      if (!paramMap.has('id_store')) {
    this.isLoading = true;

    this.atv_id = paramMap.get('id_store');

        .create({ keyboardClose: true, message: 'Carico categorie...' })
        .then(loadingEl => {

          this.subcriber = this.ristoserv.postRistoCategories(this.atv_id).subscribe( (response: any ) => {

            // check zona selezionata
  'zoneData').then((data: any) => {

            this.categories = response;
            this.IdType = paramMap.get('id_type');

            this.isLoading = false;

          }, errRes => {

            const code = errRes.error.error.message;
            console.log('error', code);
            this.isLoading = true;



Every time you call ionViewWillEnter() you create new route subscription.
You should unsubscribe from it.

Create property

private unsubscribe$ = new Subject<void>();

use it to unsubscribe

  .subscribe(paramMap => {

And emit it whenever component destroys.

ngOnDestroy() {

You can do this easier using a library @ngneat/until-destroy.

Or simply make sure you only initialize it once: if you only change parameter in your router it might not recreate your component – depending on onSameUrlNavigation config.

It would help if you showed how/when you call ionViewWillEnter().

Answered By – Bojan Kogoj

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