Ionic app: Keeping the screen unlock and open when the ionic app is up and running


I’m developing a navigation app with Ionic framework. Is there a way to keep the screen of the device open while the app is up and running ?


Yes you can Keep screen Active:
There is a cordova plugin for this:

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-insomnia

npm install @ionic-native/insomnia

import { Insomnia } from '@ionic-native/insomnia/ngx';

constructor(private insomnia: Insomnia) { }


    () => console.log('success'),
    () => console.log('error')

    () => console.log('success'),
    () => console.log('error')

Check Plugin Docs here Cordova Insomnia Docs

Answered By – Najam Us Saqib

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