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Reaching out the masses as at the loose end. I’m trying to integrate AdMob into my app. I’ve looked at the documentation on the ionic website and it points to a plugin that doesn’t seem to want to install due to dependency issues. I’ve found a few other plugins too but again, they all seem to fail to install for the same reasons. I found one which has been updated the most recently of about 5 months ago but still the exact same issue (this is the one).

Does anyone know of any plugins which are working in Ionic Framework for Ad-Mob? Can I get away with a –force on installation and it will work?


I managed to get it working in the end. It seems that a lot of the Ionic plugins are out of date. There is however a GitHub repo which contains a lot of the ones you need and it seems to be fairly well maintained.

Answered By – Dave Lyons

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