Ionic native page transition doesnt work


i´m new using ionic and i want to change the page transition from page to page.

    import { NativePageTransitions, NativeTransitionOptions } from '@ionic-native/native-page-transitions';
    import { CategoryPage } from '../category/category';

        private nativePageTransitions: NativePageTransitions
      ) {

      public pushPage(category) {
        let options: NativeTransitionOptions = {
          direction: 'left',
          duration: 600,
          slowdownfactor: 3,
          iosdelay: 60
        this.navCtrl.push(CategoryPage, { data: category });

but for some reason is not working, i mean there is not error or something just does not apply the transition, any idea


Since this is a Native plugin you must test this on a Device.

ionic cordova run android --prod --device


ionic cordova run ios --prod --device

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