Ionic Pro Packaging IOS App errors


Trying to build and package an iOS app in Ionic Pro – though am running into these errors:

[12:20:43]: Exit status of command ‘cordova platform add ios –nofetch’ was 1 instead of 0.

then as well

Running command: /Users/ionic/builds/project-1/hooks/after_prepare/010_add_platform_class.js /Users/ionic/builds/project-1

Error: spawn EACCES

fastlane summary

| 💥 | cordova platform add ios –nofetch

[12:20:43]: fastlane finished with errors

ERROR: Job failed: Process exited with: 1. Reason was: ()


My problem was solved by git add . --chmod=+x command.

Then commit and push.

Answered By – Mike J

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