Ionic React / Capacitor, requests work on web version and with postman but not on a device


I’m using axios to make requests to fetch the data from my external API (it’s HTTP AWS server with ExpressJS and Nginx). I tested it on my local machine with the web version of my Ionic app and everything is working expected. Also I can fetch data if I’m using my phone’s browser.

Same goes with postman, I can fetch data without any problems.

The only place where these requests don’t work is the actual device. Looking at the Android Studio console the error is: "Msg: Network Error" (failing to figure out how to get more from axios error object).

I configured CORS following the official Ionic documentation. I’ve set all needed origins and options (can’t use * origin because I have to use credentials with my requests). Express configuration looks like this:

const corsOptions = {
  origin: [
  credentials: true,
  optionsSuccessStatus: 200,
  exposedHeaders: ["set-cookie"]

// Enable preflight requests for all routes
app.options('*', cors(corsOptions));


On the client (request example):

try {
  const response = await axios('http://my.api.url', {
    method: 'get',
    withCredentials: true,
      headers: {
        'Accept': 'application/json'
  const data =;
  // Do something with the data
} catch(error) {

I think it has something to do with Capacitor, maybe there is a problem with non-https API (but then the question is why does it work with the web version). I tried disabling credentials for my requests but the error reoccur. Also removing Nginx doesn’t seem to change anything.

Update: Also the axios says the request is sent but the server didn’t respond.


I sorted it out, I had to do following.

  1. Had to add a SSL to my web server (I used letsencrypt).

  2. Had to add this to capacitor.config.json:

    "server": {
    "allowNavigation": [

Official Capacitor Documentation – Common Configuration

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